Wishing and waiting

October 29, 2020

If you are busy  making plans this holiday, please spare a thought for all the elders who will  spend Christmas on their own.

Sadly, this can  be the loneliest time of the year – especially for the elders who have lost a  beloved partner, family member or close friend- or whose children have moved  away from home.

Sitting by  yourself, alone, with nothing to eat, except for a bowl of rice or soup is so  much worse when everyone else is sharing special treats, fun, love and  laughter.

That’s why with your help, Issy Geshen Lamont  Home for the Aged, plans to make this  year’s festivities a joyful celebration for many needy elders in our care .

We’re working on a delicious menu of samosas,  chilli bites, and sausage rolls to start…followed by roast turkey, gamon,  beef breyani with delicious crispy potatoes and vegetables…including

Christmas trifle for dessert.

The day is incomplete without entertainment,  party hats and       crackers, even  dancing for those that are not frail

...all for just R150 per elder. That’s all it takes to give one  elderly pensioner a special festive outing with good food and company.

In fact, Christmas is all about  togetherness, family and love. I’m hoping that you might consider sponsoring  a table of four or six. We plan to make this a memorable occasion, but we  need your help.

So please will you click the link  below and send your gift right away.


When you sit down to enjoy your own  hearty Christmas meal, surrounded by those you love most, you will have the  joy of knowing you’ve given this meaningful Christmas gift to an elder in our  care at Issy Geshen Home.


Yours Sincerely,

Guy Levine




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